Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ying Yang Twins/What else is new

I am the study center after class and I'm sooo happy my school week is over! It has been a long, but fun week. The concert on Tuesday night turned out to be only ok. The club it was at was very cool, it was all outdoors and very modern and chic. We got into VIP somehow which was right in front of the stage. The only bad thing was drinks were 10 euro each, so no one was crazy enough to drink! When they finally came on around 1 in the morning they only performed for a little while. It was pretty much all of their songs condensed into one long thing. Then their DJ just performed and played all these American songs and everyone danced. So, it was fun, just not as fun as I was expecting.
Wednesday morning I had to wake up earrly for class but it was a good day. We met for class at Palazzo Pitti which is a museum and it also houses the Boboli gardens. We had class out in the Boboli gardens and the lecture was only 30 minutes. Then we got to walk around and separated. I checked out the costume part of the museum which was VERY cool! Then I went and had lunch with a few people from my class and then had Italian. After class I took the longest nap ever!! Everyone in our apartment was sleeping at the same time for 2-3 hours. It was pretty funny! Last night we just headed to dinner, thinking it would be casual. Anyway, that idea flew out the window when we found a really cute restaurant and I checked out the wine list. I ended up getting a 2003 Brunello and ordering a 4 course meal. I started with duck carpaccio with a fig reduction and fresh figs. Next I had Spaghetti Carbonara which was amazing! For secondi I had lamb with "aromatic bread crumbs" and potatoes. Last I had a cheese plate with two kinds of Pecorino and honey, plus a glass of Vin Santo. Then the waitress brought us complimentary dessert wine! AND refilled it! Plus they gave us a discount. Needless to say we loved it and they loved us so we'll definitely be going back there. My friends kept cracking up at me because I was so giggly and happy all night from such an incredible meal. I'm saving all the cards from my favorite restaurants so anyone who visits can go!!
Anyway, I just slept in this morning and had Italian this afternoon. Everyone is in the study center waiting on a lecture about the Vatican because on our tour tomorrow he isn't going to be able to speak inside. We leave Firenze at 7:15 so I'm super psyched about waking up at 6 am. I'll take plenty of pictures and be thinking of you all! I'll try to put more pictures up soon. LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!
When you go to the house pet Bean for me :)

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