Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know it's been almost a week since I wrote last but I have been SO busy and now our internet is down in the house. So I'm at the study center right now before class.. It's going to be so hard to write because it's been forever but I'll try to be as detailed as possible!
Thursday.. I had Italian. I can't really remember much else from Thursday. I guess it wasn't too exciting?
Anyway, Friday was our trip to San Giminano and Volterra. We got on one of those "tour buses" and headed up to Volterra first. It was so amazing and of course Nero (the teacher) led the tour. We got to see the whole city and some amazing Estruscan art. After that we headed to San Giminano but stopped for a group lunch right outside the city. It was a beautiful restaraunt and we ate outside. Vegetable lasagna to start and some amazing chicken! After Volterra we went to San Giminano. We had a group tour and then we had free time to do whatever we wanted. I just went and had a glass of white wine, which San Giminano is supposedly famous for, with my friend Carlyn.
We took the bus home and didn't do much although it was July 4th. Another apartment was having a little grill out/party but I was so pooped so I didn't go.
Saturday morning we woke up realll early and we went to Cinqueterre!! We took a train through Pisa and started out in Monterosso, the "last city." We hiked to the next city and it was INCREDIBLE. We were hiking on the side of a mountain on these teeny paths with the whole Medditeranean laid out in front of us. It was really intense but definitely worth it. When we made it to the next city we were ALL ready to jump in the ocean. There was this concrete "cliff" so to speak and the waves would come crashing up onto it and then fall literally 10 feet below. All the Italians were jumping in these HUGE waves and then they would let the ocean carry them back onto cliff. It was ridiculous. I finally jumped in even though I was scared but I definitely chose to use the ladder instead of the crazy way. It was still pretty hard though because if you didn't swim fast enough or time it right there was a lovely bed of rocks waiting for you. Doing it the "Italian way" was the type of thing that you could tell only the kids who had been doing it since they were 12 could actually accomplish. It was really one of the craziest things I have ever seen!! We had lunch there and I went with seafood and it was horrible and overpriced :( Huge dissapointment. Then we hiked to the next town. It was SUCH an intense hike, pretty much all uphill stairs. The next city was really pretty, although there was no beach. I took tons of pictures and will try to post them soon.. After our last hike we took a train home. We were soo tired and coated with sweat. But it was definitely an incredible day! Saturday night we went to a bar called "21," which was fun. It was student night and they have dancing so it was great to see all the kids dancing. The Italian boys are so funny here! They love to dance by themselves and show off, it cracked me up.
Sunday was pretty laid back. A few of us put our bathing suits on and went out to the Arno and laid out with all the Italians. I'm sure they loved us blasting our American music and throwing the football around, lol. It was pretty much my "get stuff done day" after that as I had homework and cleaning to do.
Yesterday I had my two classes. I had to write my first paper for travel and adventure writing. I was really nervous because we had to read it in front of the whole class, but it was alright. It was very helpful! It was only 2 pages and it's supposed to be a "rough draft" for one of our 2 big papers. Anyway, we went out again last night to another dancing bar and a lot of people from other apartments joined us as well so it was pretty fun..
You wouldn't belive it but tonight I'm going to see Ying Yang Twins hahahahah! The concert is only 15 euro, so it's definitely worth it. Who ever thought, Ying Yang Twins in Firenze! I'm very excited. Also, our Rome trip is this weekend so I can't wait!

Sorry it was pretty brief. I've got some Italian homework to finish. Love you all and MISS YOU TONS! Less than a month till I'm home :)

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