Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Past few days..

Ciao all! Let's see... I know it's been two whole days since I posted but not much has been going on. Class keeps us very busy! Tuesday morning we went to Mercato Centrale. It was so amazing and we got lots of good veggies, some dried fruits (they had kiwi, papaya, cocunut, ginger!), some homeade pesto, and some chicken. After Mercato Centrale my friend Carlyn and I went to lunch at this amazing place that has about 12 different paninis and they are all sooo good. We went two days in a row! Then I had class again. Tuesday night we didn't do much. I made dinner again.. chicken with the homeade pesto, asparagus and fresh tomato salad. ("The most amazing thing i have ever put in my mouth. It melted immediately." --Carlyn)
I had a TON of homework in Italian and it's been really difficult. Today I had class in the morning and then class in the afternoon. I got to go to the writing class for the first time today.. It's called "adventure and travel writing." It sounds great. Actually one of the books we were looking at an excerpt from today, I'm reading right now called the shipping news.. mom you would know it! Anyway, I'm very excited about that class!! After class a few of us went to Palazzo Pitti and looked at the beautiful artwork. I was pretty pooped so I took a siesta. Tonight, a few friends and I went to dinner at the restaraunt we went to the first night. It was so good again, and I'm teaching all of my friends Italian! They loved us there and even brought us complimentary Limoncello before we left. It's on the other side of the river and the food is SO good! Then we brought a bottle of wine outside and enjoyed the Arno and the beautiful weather. It is cool and windy.
Anyway, that's all for now! If anyone wants to ever talk to me you can call me and I'll SKYPE you immediately! LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!!


AuntSandy said...

Hey Laura - great job on the blog. Sounds like life in Italy is treating you well. I can almost taste the paninis from here! Next pictures you post should include some of you in them! Evan and Michelle leave for Germany on Tuesday to be on the other side of the pond with you. Too bad they are not just a bit closer. Well, study hard, and enjoy! Take care - Love from All of Us. Aunt Sandy

Gerri said...

Hi Laura, I sure enjoyed reading your blog about Italy.Maybe Dave and I will get there some day. Welcome home!
Love, Aunt Gerri